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Who We Are

Spontaneous Celebrations is run by an active and committed staff, board, and volunteer team composed of community residents, students, artists, parents, business-people, activists, and organizers who reflect the diversity of the surrounding communities.

Key Staff

Mark Pelletier, Spontaneous Celebrations’ Program Director, is responsible for producing Wake Up the Earth, the Lantern Parade, and all our other events. He is also responsible for rentals in our 45 Danforth Street community arts center. In addition, Mark provides festival arts instruction with the Manning and Curley After School programs, and is an all-around presence at Spontaneous.

De'En Tarkpor, Administrative Director, is responsible for, surprisingly enough, the administration and operation of Spontaneous Celebrations' facility, events, and programs. De'En started in October 2015 as the Financial Assistant and is now mastering the unique procedures and structures of this wonderful place. She has over 15+ years in the Finance & Administration  field.

Gerry Lake, our Bookkeeper, grew up in Boston and holds two degrees from Boston College including a BA in Accounting and an MBA. He has over twenty years experience in accounting and financial positions, mostly in financial services. Over the last few years, Gerry has done a lot of work for non-profits including Community Works and Spontaneous Celebrations. He also serves on the board of the Cooperative Artists Institute.

Noemi Saafyr Paz is the Director of The Beantown Society,

Femke Rosenbaum, the original founder of SC and its many festivals has dedicated her life to the people of her community in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury. Originally from Holland, as an artist, organizer, and community member, she has brought new meaning to life in the JP area through the festivals that have come to define the neighborhood.

Spontaneous' Board of Directors

Jeannette Huezo and her children are frequent visitors to Spontaneous; she works as program director and organizer at United for a Fair Economy.

Kalamu Kieta is a long-time volunteer at Spontaneous. Kal lives in JP with his wife and two young children and often assists with event management.

Linda Muir-Robinson is an accountant with a Newton-based foundation and has assisted Spontaneous with financial record-keeping for many years.

Mike Lapham is a JP resident, dad of three children who come to Spontaneous frequently. He directs the Responsible Wealth program of United for a Fair Economy.

Nancy Rodrigues is actively involved in the SC community