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Sorry to say that we are suspending all activities at Spontaneous Celebrations until further notice.


Let's Build Our Building Better! Capitol Campaign Match Challenge$$$

We need your help for much needed renovations to our Community Arts Center! Thanks to grants from Mass Cultural Council and the city's Dept of Neighborhood Development PNP fund the first $108,000 will be matched dollar for dollar! These are key to the campaigns success as we only get the funds we match. So please give what you can whether it be $5 or $50000 and share far and wide with folks who have been to Spontaneous or enjoyed the Wake Up The Earth Festivals and Jamaica Pond Lantern Parades we produce. Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to Spontaneous :) We could not survive without generous community support so thank you to all who have given in the past, present, and future!

We have been at our home on Danforth St for 25 years hosting and producing a diverse array of events and classes for our community. Weddings, memorials, birthdays, grad parties, rehearsals, bah mitzvah, quinceaneras, meetings, shows, etc. have put a lot of love in our building and wear on the floors in this 185 year old building!

So here is the current plan.

Step 1 Demolish chimney that is not in use to free up space in the kitchen, done! We are expanding and modernizing our kitchen to be commercial grade. We feel like in a home the kitchen is the heart. We also see by upgrading we can increase sustainability through hosting community dinners, renting out to local small caterers, food artisans, etc.

Step 2 Replace the stage, bar, floor,  and improve the lighting, sound, and power outlet access. The stage and floor were suffering structural problems so we decided to redo the bar as well while we were tearing things up. We will be widening the stair on the egress side and framing the opposite side of the stage for wheelchair lifts. The finished product will be the same as before just shiny new, stable, and built to last for the next generations! We will also have storage drawers under stage for our chairs to make event set up/break down easier.

Step 3 Second egress to our basement. We have long wanted access to our basement from back of the building all the way up to our back stage area. Currently it is only from the front sidewalk of the building.  

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