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Beginner African Marimba Classes

Partner Programming
Sundays 1/15, 1/22, 1/29, 2/12,2/19 10:30-11:30

Learn how to play simple songs on these simple African instruments! No experience necessary. Instruments will be provided.

Marimbas are wooden instruments (similar to xylophones) that bring out the unique, energizing harmonies and rhythms of the music Much of our marimba music is based on the mbira tradition of the Shona people, the majority cultural group in Zimbabwe. The mbira is the ancient tribal instrument of the Shona peoples, dating back thousands of years.

This music is known world wide for its intricate interlocking polyrhythmic melodies.

The appeal of marimbas is they are fun to be played in a group! After the six-week session, we will put on a short recital for friends and family.


Contact:  Tchukki 352.328.7397